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Five Chicago Firefighters Injured When Fire Engine Catches Fire During Motor Vehicle Accident

In Chicago, five fire fighters, a female driver, and her 6-year-old daughter were injured on Thursday following a collision involving a fire engine and another motor vehicle. The fire engine caught fire during the crash and rammed into a building in the Old Town Neighborhood of the Near North Side.

According to Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford, Engine No. 4 was headed toward a fire when the collision happened at the intersection of Wells and Division Streets. All seven accident victims were taken to local hospitals. The fire engine and the building it crashed into reportedly sustained serious damage. Fortunately, the building is under renovation and there were no occupants at the time of the crash.

Firefighter Injuries
According to the National Fire Protection Association:
• There were 36 firefighter fatalities that occurred at fire scenes in 2007.
• 44,210 firefighters sustained injuries at fire scenes in 2006.
• There were 7 firefighter deaths at non-fire job scenes in 2007.
• 13,090 firefighter injuries occurred at such scenes in 2006.

Common kinds of firefighter injuries:
• Burn injuries
• Traffic collision-related injuries
• Cuts
• Bruises
• Wounds
• Muscular pain
• Strains
• Pains
• Heart Attacks (often caused by stress) is a leading cause of firefighter fatalities.

In Illinois, firefighters are entitled to workers' compensation in the event of injury or death.

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