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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Issues its Annual Report for 2007

According to statistics from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Annual Report of Operations for 2007, 56,685 workers’ compensation cases were filed with the commission last year. This figure includes new claims filed and pro se settlements. A pro se settlement occurs when the worker settles a case directly with the employer and without hiring an Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer.

According to the report, some 250,000 work accidents take place in the state of Illinois each year. However, only injuries that require a worker to take time off from work for at least three days can be reported to the Commission. Each year, employers in Illinois report some 80,000 work injuries that fulfill this criterion. About 60,000 of these cases usually result in formal complaints.

Most workers’ compensation cases filed with the Illinois Commission are settled with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney. Only 3,644 cases were settled in formal arbitration last year. The Illinois Commission disposed of 60,681 claims through settlements, decisions, or dismissals.

Injuries to the head, neck, eyes, back, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, feet, legs, knees, toes, and body systems were among the work injuries reported in 2007. Common kinds of work accidents resulting in injuries include (based on 2005 statistics):

• Fall accidents
• Overexertion
• Slip and fall accidents
• Trip and fall accidents
• Fires
• Explosions
• Repetitive motion
• Accidents involving work equipment or objects
• Exposure to hazardous substances
• Sexual assault
• Violent crimes
• Work-related illnesses and diseases

FY2007 Annual Report, Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (PDF)

Illinois Workers' Compensation Act (PDF)

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