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Man’s Leg is Amputated Following Illinois Work Accident

A worker at an Illinois manufacturing company had his leg amputated after he was injured in a machinery accident. 19-year-old Dustin Stone’s leg got caught in a large machine on Monday at Central Illinois Truss.

It took emergency workers almost an hour to free him. The 6-foot-tall, 15-foot wide machinery that presses metal connecting plates into the wood trusses had to be disassembled.

Machinery Accidents
Operating large machinery at work can be a hazardous part of one’s job and may result in serious injuries when an accident occurs. Machinery accidents is a major cause of injuries and death in industrial workplaces.

Limb loss, crushed body parts, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, disfigurement, internal injuries, and death are among the more catastrophic injuries that can occur.

Common Causes of Machinery-Related Accidents
• Defective machines
• Machinery malfunction
• Hazardous substance leaks
• Poor maintenance
• Inadequate safety measures

Many machinery accidents occur while a worker is operating, cleaning, or performing maintenance on the machinery.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

• In 2001, .2/out of 100,000 people died from injuries they sustained in machinery accidents.
• 544 people died in machinery accidents that year.

In Illinois, even if your employer was grossly negligent in causing your work accident, you cannot sue your employer for personal injury because the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides employers immunity from employee injury-related lawsuits. There are, however, steps that you can take to make sure that you receive all workers' compensation benefits you are owed. There also may be third parties that can be held liable for your personal injuries.

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