Posted On: December 11, 2008 by Steven J. Malman

More Workers Injured or Killed in Construction Fall Accidents

In the last few weeks, more workers were injured or killed in falls during construction accidents. These work accidents are a reminder of how dangerous it can be to work at a construction site and why it is so important that workers receive the proper training, there are safety procedures and precautions that are properly implemented, and any hazards or defective or dangerous conditions are repaired or removed immediately.

In Indiana, a construction worker died on Saturday when he fell in a scaffolding accident while working at a parking garage. The fatal accident occurred while Jose Ramirez was moving a platform. He had disconnected his safety harness and fell 20 feet. Ramirez suffered catastrophic injuries and was pronounced dead soon after the construction accident.

In Colorado, a painter fell 30 feet through an elevator shaft at a home where construction was taking place on November 26. The week before, a worker installing a seventh floor window at a construction site in New York fell onto the concrete when he lost his balance. Rosaulino Montano died from blunt force injuries to the torso, head, and extremities.
Construction Falls
Fall accidents are the number one cause of construction worker deaths. Common causes of construction fall accidents include:

• Holes in the floor
• Defective scaffolding
• Crane collapses
• Sides without protection
• Openings in walls
• Improperly secured ladders
• Roof falls
• Slip and fall accidents
• Improperly secured harnesses
• Inadequate fall protection

Fall accidents can lead to serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, crushed or broken bones, internal injuries, and death.

Worker killed in fall from scaffold Downtown,, December 6, 2008

Feds looking into elevator shaft fall at construction site,, December 4, 2008

Man dies after fall at F Street construction site,, November 20, 2008

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If you were injured or your loved one was killed in a Chicago construction accident, you may be entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits, as well as third party personal injury or wrongful death compensation.

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