Posted On: December 10, 2008 by Steven J. Malman

Worker’s Arm and Leg Become Entangled in Machinery During Well-Drilling Accident

A worker had to be airlifted to a hospital on Tuesday after he got pinned to a well-drilling machine. According to the local fire department, the man, 40, was working on the well when he ended up too close to the drill. His clothes got caught in the machine.

Another worker turned the machine off and contacted 911. An emergency team had to saw the well-drilling machine in two to free the trapped worker, who broke his left arm and severely dislocated his left leg. The injured worker, who is employed by mining services company W.R. Grace, is expected to make a full recovery. An investigation into the cause of the work accident is taking place.

Working at a well, doing maintenance or drilling, can be a dangerous job for employees working in the oil and gas fields. Not only are workers exposing themselves to hazardous substances, potential leaks, blowouts, explosions, and machine malfunctions, but they risk sustaining catastrophic injuries from such accidents.

Injuries may include:

• Broken bones
• Head injuries
• Limb loss
• Burn injuries
• Disfigurement
• Spinal cord injuries
• Hearing loss
• Vision loss
• Internal injuries
• Death

It is the responsibility of employers to making sure that their work sites meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety requirements. They are also supposed to enforce proper safety procedures at work, provide workers with the proper training and safety equipment, and act to prevent work accidents and injuries from happening.

As a worker injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, and there may be third parties that can be held liable for your personal injuries.

Worker injured in well-drilling accident,, December 10, 2008

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

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