Posted On: January 8, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Family of Truck Driver Killed in Electrocution Work Accident Files Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Trucker Brian Johnson was driving to Reno Farms to make a cattle feed delivery on January 12, 2007 when his tractor-trailer made contact with a power line. He died from his electrocution injuries.

Now, in St. Clair County Circuit Court, Johnson’s family is suing M.J.M. Electric Cooperative, Fletcher-Reinhardt Service Company, and Cooper Power Systems for his wrongful death. According to their Illinois wrongful death lawsuit, M.J.M. Electric Cooperative acted negligently because it failed to make sure that the hazardous power line (which it owns) and its reclosures were properly maintained, failed to ensure that the power line was suspended at the correct height, and did not warn Johnson about the power line’s presence.

The complaint accuses Fletcher-Reinhardt Service Company of defectively rebuilding and improperly maintaining the power line’s circuit reclosure so that the circuit line could not be de-energized when contact occurred. Cooper Power Systems, the family contends, was negligent in its design and manufacture of the circuit reclosure. Johnson’s family is seeking a judgment exceeding $250,000 plus costs.

Third Party Lawsuits and Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claims
Most Illinois workers are guaranteed workers’ compensation and death benefits anytime they are injured or killed on the job, regardless of who is at fault. While Illinois workers’ compensation law prevents employees from suing their employers for their work injuries, third parties that may have been responsible for causing a victim’s work accident are not immune from liability.

Electrocution injuries are serious injuries that can be catastrophic, if not fatal, for the victim. Medical and recovery costs may be expensive, and you could need all the help you can get. For families who have lost someone they love in a work accident, compensation from third parties can provide a great deal of needed financial support to your existing Illinois workers' compensation death benefits.

Truck driver's electrocution subject of wrongful death complaint, The Madison/St Clair Record, January 7, 2009

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