Posted On: January 28, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Office Workers Can Get Injured on the Job

Even though office workers are generally not engaged in “dangerous” work, work accidents and injuries can occur on the job. Injured workers are usually entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation, as well as any third party compensation that may be owed by liable parties that are not the employee’s employer.

Common office injuries:
• Vision problems
• Back pain
• Hands and wrist strain
• Vision problems
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Fall accidents
• Slip accidents
• Electrical accidents
• Injuries while lifting or moving heavy objects
• Getting hit or bumping into stationary or moving objects

There are steps that workers can take to prevent injury accidents from occurring, such as making sure your desk space is ergonomically set up, assuming the correct posture when you pick up or carry anything, making sure that items or liquids that fall on the ground are cleared or mopped away.

There are also steps that employers can take to prevent minimize the chances that a work accident will happen, including properly maintaining office equipment, providing desk workers with the proper set up, making sure there are no slippery floors, fixing any loose carpet or faulty electrical cords, making sure hallways and stairwells are properly lit, and providing adequate security.

Regardless of who was at fault in causing your work accident, you are entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation.

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To make sure you are receiving all of the Illinois workers' compensation you are owed, contact Chicago Workers' Compensation Lawyer Steve Malman today.

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