Posted On: January 6, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Railroad Helper Sues Union Pacific and Alton and Southern Railway Company For Work Injuries

A railroad helper is suing Union Pacific Railroad Company and Alton and Southern Railway Company for work injuries he sustained while working for both companies. John Schulte says he suffered back and neck injuries in a fall accident when the remote control vest he was using ripped, causing him to lose balance and fall off a railcar.

The railroad accident occurred on July 6 in an East St. Louis yard while he was operating a locomotive with a remote. Schulte filed his complained last week in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

The railroad helper says that because of his injuries, he suffered serious emotional pain and mental trauma, as well as lost wages because he was unable to work. His lawsuit contends that the defendants neglected to provide him with a safe work area because he was not given safe working methods. Schulte also claims that workers were given remote control vests that were subject to tearing and that the defendants should have either provided employees with sturdier vests or a safer work method, as well as warning them of the risks that could arise when using the vests. Schulte is seeking a judgment of over $100,000 plus costs and other relief.

Remote Control Vests
Remote control vests allow a railroad worker to operate remote-control trains in train yard. The vests hold the remote control unit that allows the worker to command the train car. This method of operating a railcar is not always safe for workers, who are at risk of falling from the car in the event that the vehicle makes jerky movements or is involved in a collision.

The vests can also be awkward to wear, which makes it difficult for the operator to securely hang on to the side of the car during operation. There are also concerns that railroad companies are not providing remote control operators with enough training to allow them to operate the device in as safe a manner as possible.

Railroad helper sues Union Pacific over torn remote vest, The Madison/St Clair Record, January 2, 2009

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