Posted On: February 5, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Burn Accident Injures Welder

A welder sustained serious second- and third-degree burn injuries during a work accident. According to fire officials, James Sellers’s clothes caught on fire while he was working on the scaffolding on the third floor of a fine arts center.

Coworkers used a blanket to put out the flames and emergency workers moved Sellers to the construction office so he would not have to stay in the cold and wind. The injured worker was transported to a hospital before being transferred to a burn center for treatments of the burns he sustained on his chest, arms, and back.

If you sustained your burn injuries in a work accident in Lake County, DuPage County, Will County,or Cook County, or any other county in Illinois, you may be entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits.

Second-Degree Burns
This kind of burn affects the epidermis and the dermis of the skin and can result in swelling, pain, redness, and blisters. A second-degree burn must be treated properly or it could become a third-degree burn.

Third-Degree Burns
This kind of burn injury affects the dermis, the epidermis, and the hypodermis and can numb the area of the injury even as the victim experiences pain. A third-degree burn can often leave severe scars.

Signs that your burn injury may be a second-degree or third-degree burn:
• Swelling
• Peeling
• Redness
• Charred skin
• White skin
• Shock

Depending on the severity of the burn injury, the burn victim may have to undergo multiple and painful medical procedures to recover. These procedures can be very expensive and another reason that you should receive all of the Illinois workers’ compensation benefits you are owed, as well as any third party personal injury compensation.

Welder is Seriously Burned in Accident,, February 5, 2009

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In Illinois, our Chicago workers' compensation law firm ensures that injured workers receive the benefits they are owed.

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