Posted On: February 7, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Restaurant Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries for Chefs, Cooks, Waiters, and Other Industry Workers

As one of the culinary meccas of the United States, there are countless restaurants located in the city of Chicago. From casual hotdog institutions to pizza joints to fine dining restaurants, such as the molecular gastronomy stop Alinea, there are a multitude of choices available to satisfy each person's distinct palate.

Depending on the type of eatery a Chicago restaurant might be staffed with classically trained chefs, short-order cooks, fast food fryers, dishwashers, waiters, busboys, sommeliers, and others. To the casual diner’s eye, working at a restaurant may not seem like dangerous business, but work accidents do happen.

For example, according to, there are over 2 million chefs and cooks in the United States. Cooking can be a physically challenging job that may require a chef to spend hours standing and running around in a kitchen. There are also the dangers of sustaining a burn injury, from cooking over high temperatures and touching hot pans or oil without protection, a knife injury,resulting in cuts to the skin or severed/sliced fingers, or a head injury, in the event that the worker is the target of a flying plate thrown by an angry coworker.

Workers in the kitchen and in the front of the house could also be prone to back injuries and swollen feet from having to stand all day. They may even run the risk of sustaining a slip and fall injury as they run back and forth between the different tables and to and from the kitchen in an effort to get everyone’s food to them in a timely manner.

Another kind of restaurant worker who is at risk of serious injuries is the teen worker. In 1999, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported that over a two-year period, there were about 44,800 work-related injuries involving teen restaurant employees and that these injuries warranted a visit to a US emergency room. 63% of these injuries occurred to teenagers working in pizza places, hamburger joints, and other fast food restaurants.

Many chefs work passionately to turn food into works of art. But is their job a recipe for injury?, Healthy Me

Knife and Food Slicer Injuries to Restaurant Workers

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