Posted On: February 3, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Some Facts About Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits

• In Illinois, nearly every employee who was hired, works, or got hurt in the state is entitle to workers’ compensation benefits.

• Coverage under Illinois workers’ compensation law goes into effect for each worker as soon as he or she begins a new job.

Injuries and disease that are caused (even if just partially) by the worker’s job are usually covered under Illinois workers' compensation law. Examples of such injuries include, carpal tunnel syndrome, diseases caused by exposure to hazardous or toxic substances, severe back pain, broken bones, or a heart attack.

• If a worker’s job aggravates a preexisting condition, the employee may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

• A worker who gets hurt during an employer-sponsored activity that he or she was not required to participate in is not entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits.

• An Illinois worker who gets hurt while taking part in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program cannot avail of workers’ compensation benefits for these injuries.

• Workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois are not considered taxable income.

• It is the responsibility of Illinois employers to provide their employees with workers’ compensation coverage.

• Usually, the employer/its insurance company is responsible for paying the injured worker his or her benefits.

• Failure by an employer to provide an employee with workers’ compensation coverage is considered negligence, as well as a Class A misdemeanor for every day that passes without coverage.

Unfortunately, there are cases involving employers and/or insurers who refuse to pay or opt to delay paying workers' compensation benefits to an injured Illinois employee. This can cause added stress and financial worry to the injured worker.

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