Posted On: March 4, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Police Officers and Illinois State Police are Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Chicago police officers, Illinois state police, and other law enforcement officers can be prone to serious injuries while doing their line of work. When this happens, an injured public safety official is entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits.

Examples of injuries that can occur to police officers:

Motor vehicle accidents: Many police officers are required to roam the through the city in a police cruiser or on a motorcycle or in another type of vehicle. Like all other motorists, however, law enforcement officers risk getting involved in a motor vehicle accident—whether they are going about their daily routine or engaged in a high-speed police pursuit. While an injured police officer may be able to sue a negligent motorist or suspect for personal injury, availing of one’s workers’ compensation benefits can also be a financial help.

When Directing Traffic: A police officer directing traffic in the middle of a busy intersection or around a construction zone may be prone to pedestrian-liike injuries if he or she is accidentally struck by a car, a truck, a bus, or a motorcycle.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Especially during the winter months, a police officer who is going up the stairs or an icy driveway may accidentally slip and fall, possibly sustaining a head injury, a back injury, or a neck injury.

• Gunshot or knife wounds while apprehending suspects and criminals

• Dog bite injuries when responding to a police call at a residence

• Bruises and beatings during on foot pursuits and chases

• Injuries sustained during a police rescue

• Exposure to hazardous substances and disease at a home, business, or facility

Please contact our Chicago workers' compensation lawyers to discuss your Illinois work injury case.

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