Posted On: March 11, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Former Railway Worker Sues Railroad Company for Spine, Back, and Neck Injuries

A former railroad worker for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company is suing the railroad corporation for injuries he sustained on the job. He filed his railroad worker injury lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court.

James Bahm began working at the railroad company in May 1976. He says that he was injured and sustained cumulative trauma while working as an engineer because the seat that he would sit on while the locomotive would go over rough tracks was defective and worn out. As a result of his injuries, Bahm says he experienced serious pain and suffering, mental trauma, and loss of wages and benefits. Also, his ability to work became impaired and he began to incur medical expenses because he needed treatment for his injuries.

His railroad injury lawsuit accuses BNSF of negligence because it allowed for the use of an engine that was not in proper working condition, produced too much vertical motion, was not properly inspected, had deficient cushioning on its seat, and was a hazard to crew members. Bahm is also accusing the railroad company of failing to give him a safe work environment, not properly maintaining and inspecting its equipment or track so that they were in safe working condition, not using safe working methods or equipment, not doing more to decrease the amount of cumulative trauma he was exposed to, and neglecting to test workers for the effects of cumulative trauma. Bahm is seeking to obtain more than $200,000 plus costs.

Cumulative Trauma
Cumulative trauma refers to injuries that develop over a period of time. Sometimes, a cumulative trauma can take months or years to develop. This type of trauma can affect the tissues, cartilage, and ligaments of the body and can occur because of the railroad worker’s routine, which my require that he or she engage in repetitive motions. It is sometimes challenging for a worker to figure out the cause of his or her cumulative trauma.

Former BNSF worker claims worn-out seat caused injuries, St Clair Record, March 9, 2009

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