Posted On: April 29, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Workers’ Compensation: Making Sure that Your Employer Pays for Your Medical Care to Treat Your Work Injuries

If you have been injured in an Illinois work accident, you should try to get medical help as soon as possible. You are also entitled to certain medical benefits under Illinois’ workers’ compensation law:

• You are entitled to the doctor or hospital of your choice and your employer must pay for the medical care. However, the medical services must be necessary and reasonable. Experimental or unproven procedures are not covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

• However, the employer only has to pay for emergency and first aid services and two doctors, hospitals, or surgeons, and anyone that the two medical providers recommends that you see.

• You are entitled to an independent medical exam to determine whether you need ongoing care or if you can go back to work.

• You are also entitled to have your employer pay for treatment and training should you require rehabilitation services, as well as vocational training to help you get back to work.

To ensure that additional medical services are paid for, you need to obtain your employer’s approval. It is important that you give your employer all pertinent information about your medical care. It is also important that your doctor submit medical updates to the employer or the insurance company.

Unfortunately, medical disputes can arise over whether or not your employer should pay for certain medical services. They may even deny certain claims.

The best way to make sure that you receive all of the Illinois workers’ compensation benefits that you are owed is to speak with an experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

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