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From Our Chicago Workers' Compensation Law Firm: Keeping Illinois Highway Workers Safe

About 7,000 motor vehicle crashes occur in Illinois Highway work zones every year. Construction workers and traffic employees risk injury whenever they do their jobs, which is why it is important that the public be made aware of steps they can take to keep our workers safe when they are working on our roads.

Earlier this month, US transportation officials held the 10th National Work Zone Awareness week. They also had a number of facts to offer, including:

• The number of work zone injuries and deaths have decreased over the last decade.
• Nationally, there were 835 work zone deaths in 2007, compared to 1,006 in 2006.

Steps motorists can take to keep work zone workers safe:
• Pay attention to the roads and signs letting you know that you are in a work zones.
• Turn on your headlights so that drivers and workers can see you.
• Don’t tailgate.
• Don’t speed.
• Slow down and obey posted speed limits.
• Make sure you are keeping up with the pace of traffic flow.
• Don’t change lanes when you are driving through a work zone.
• Keep a close watch in case construction machinery or workers suddenly appear before you.
• Although there may be delays when driving in a work zone, practice patience and know that the workers are there to make your roads safer.

Highway worker injuries can be catastrophic injuries and similar to injuries that a pedestrian or a vehicle occupant might sustain during an Illinois motor vehicle collision or a Chicago pedestrian accident. Injured workers’ and their families should file an Illinois’ workers’ compensation claim with their employer immediately and speak with a Chicago personal injury attorney to find out about filing a claim against a negligent motorist or another liable party.

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Work Zone Safety, Illinois Tollway

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