Posted On: May 31, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Former Railroad Worker Sues Union Pacific Railroad Company for Work Injuries

In Illinois, a former railroad employee is suing Union Pacific Railroad Company for injuries he says he sustained as a result of his work for the defendant. Jimmy R Greens worked for the railroad company from 1980 – 1997 as a traveling electrician.

Green says he sustained railroad worker injuries because he was forced to climb up telephone poles and that he did so without the correct equipment. This caused him to experience repetitive and cumulative trauma to his lower extremities and his knees. His railroad accident lawsuit contends that the damages and injuries he suffered are permanent, progressive, and painful. As a result of his injuries, Green says he has incurred medical bills, and his ability to enjoy life and is earning capacity are permanently impaired.

The former railroad employee is accusing Union Pacific of negligence, including not providing him with a safe workplace, inadequate supervision and instruction on how to work safely, and failure to provide him with the proper equipment, including mechanical lifting devices and pole climbing spikes and spurs.

Under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, railroad companies must provide their employees with a safe workplace, as well as with the tools that they need to do their job properly and safely. Failure to provide this duty of care can make the railroad company liable for an employee’s injuries.

Depending on their specific responsibilities, a railroad worker can be at risk of sustaining repetitive motion injuries or cumulative trauma disorders. This can result if the worker uses his or her hands or other parts of the body in a repetitive manner that causes the body to vibrate in positions that are not ergonomically correct. Carpal tunnel syndrome and body parts that are worn out are two unfortunate conditions that can result, making it difficult to for the railroad worker to keep doing his or her job or live comfortably without experiencing ongoing pain.

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