Posted On: June 4, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Cook County Workers’ Compensation: Evanston Business Closes For Failing to Obtain Employee Coverage

In Evanston, All Goods Pet Care, also called The Hungry Pup, has been forced to close down. The Cook County pet store, located on Chicago Avenue, was shut down because its owners failed to obtain Illinois workers’ compensation for its employees. This is the first time an Illinois business has shut down its operation because of a workers’ compensation violation.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission had sent legal notices to the Evanston pet care company a number of months ago requesting proof of workers’ compensation insurance. An investigator also went to the store to personally deliver another letter, as well as a warning that the store would have to close its doors unless proof of insurance was provided.

Four of the company’s employees have filed workers’ compensation claims against the Illinois pet-care company and two were found eligible to receive benefits. However, no benefits were paid out.

At a hearing that the Illinois pet care company opted not to attend, a work-stop order was obtained. Per state law, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has the authority to issue a stop-worker order to any employer that knowingly neglects to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation
Under Illinois law, must employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is supposed to provide benefits for workers that are hurt or get sick or die while on the job. While 91% of Illinois employees are covered under Illinois workers’ compensation law, business partners, sole proprietors, corporate officers, and limited liability companies are allowed to exempt themselves. Employers may either obtain consent to self-insure or buy insurance.

Evanston business closed for not having workers' comp insurance,, June 3, 2009

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