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Illinois Workers’ Compensation: Agent Admits that He Defrauded 22 Businesses Out of $400,000 in Premiums

An Illinois insurance agent has admitted to defrauding 22 businesses out of about $400,000 in workers’ compensation premiums. In Lake County Court, Reuben Collier Jr. pleaded guilty to four Class 3 felony charges.

Collier, who was working in Waukegan out of Collier Insurance Agency, committed insurance fraud when he fabricated false insurance certificates to make his clients think that their premiums were sent to insurers.

According to investigators, many of his clients paid cash for their Illinois workers’ compensation coverage. The Illinois Department of Insurance and the Waukegan Police Department say that the insurance agent told these clients that they were getting a discount because they paid him in cash.

Collier also forged bogus policy renewals when policy periods were about to or had ended, and he would create fraudulent certificates when clients needed additional proof of insurance.

As part of his guilty plea, Collier:

• Must serve a 30-month probation period.
• Serve a term of periodic imprisonment, which will include electronic home monitoring. He will be released for work.
• Make restitution to 24 of his victims for $97,136.

Workers’ Compensation
It is important that Illinois companies have workers’ compensation coverage so that in the event that an employee is injured, gets sick, or dies on the job, he or she can receive benefits. Illinois workers’ compensation law prevents workers from suing their employer for personal injury or wrongful death because they can avail of this coverage.

Unfortunately, disputes and misunderstandings can arise between injured workers and their employers, which can make obtaining workers’ compensation benefits in a timely manner a challenge—unless you’ve got legal help.

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