Posted On: June 9, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Slim Jim Plant Blast Injures Over 30 People

A blast at a Slim Jim meat products plant today injured at least 38 people. As of this report, 2 others are missing. 5 of the injured parties—including three firefighters—are in serious condition. 4 of these critically injured patients have burns in 40 – 60% of their bodies.

The majority of the other injured parties were treated and released. One man, who sustained burns on his arms, head, and legs said that his clothes had to be cut off him. Smoke inhalation and exposure to ammonia—a toxic cloud was floating around the plant after the explosion—are among the other injury concerns.

Authorities are still trying to locate the remaining missing people. A third person that was missing has been found and was taken to a hospital.

Some 300 people were in the plant when the blast occurred, causing parts of the roof to collapse. At this time, the cause of the blast is not known.

The Slim Jim plant is a ConAgra Foods plant. The state had inspected the plant last July and there were no reports of violations—although there have been reported violations in the past.

Commonly used as a refrigerant in food processing plants, including meatpacking plants, ammonia gas can prove dangerous to workers’ health. Ammonia can burn the eyes and skin. During an ammonia leak, an ammonia cloud can cause swelling and burning to occur to the lung, nose, and throat passages. Exposure to serious ammonia leaks can lead to pulmonary edema, permanent eye or lung problems, or infectious diseases. Regular exposure to ammonia over a long period of time can lead to excess mucus or bronchitis.

If you are a worker who sustained burn injuries or ammonia-related injuries or any other type of injuries in a work-related explosion, you need to report your injuries as soon as possible so you can start receiving your Illinois workers’ compensation benefits. In the event that a dispute over benefits arises, you should consider exploring your legal options.

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