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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Received 57,515 Claims in 2008

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation has issued its 2008 Annual Report. Highlights of the report include:

• The Illinois 2005 workers’ compensation total injury rate was 58% lower than the 1990 workers’ compensation total injury rate.
• About 250,000 Illinois work-related accidents occur each year.
• The majority of work injury claims don’t require time off work.
• The Illinois Workers’ Compensation is the recipient of some 60,000 of these claims.
• Last year, 57,515 Illinois workers’ compensation claims were filed with the Commission.
• Of these new cases, there were 22,818 Chicago workers’ compensation cases.
• The various Illinois workers' claims noted head injuries, neck injuries, eye injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, hand injuries, finger injuries, arm injuries, foot injuries, knee injuries, toe injuries, and leg injuries.
• Of the 59,533 claims that the Commission received during FY08, 51,549 claims were settled, 5,434 were dismissed, and 2,550 resulted in decisions.
• By the end of FY08, some 95,000 cases were pending at arbitration.
• 3,594 arbitration decisions were issued.
• 33% of Illinois workers’ compensation claimants are females—an increase from the 22% of female claimants in 1985.
• 66 employers that did not provide workers’ compensation benefits were ordered to pay $1.8 million in fines to the Insurance Compliance unit.
• These funds pay for the worker benefits that employees working for these uninsured companies would not receive otherwise.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is in charge of resolving disputes between injured Illinois workers and their employers over work injury and death benefits. The Commission is supposed to resolve disputes, make sure that employees and employers are protected under the Occupational Diseases Act and Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, administer self-insurance, and gather data about work-related diseases and injuries.

If you have been injured in a Chicago work accident, our Chicago workers’ compensation law firm can make sure that you receive all the benefits that your employer owes you.

Illinios Workers' Compensation Commission FY2008 Annual Report (PDF)

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