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OSHA Investigates Fatal Chicago Work Accident in Humboldt Park

A 33-year-old worker died on Monday after he was struck by stone slabs at a marble warehouse for injuries he sustained during an Chicago industrial accident on Wednesday. Gilbert Sandoval Ramirez was pronounced dead at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital. According to police, Ramirez sustained blunt trauma and multiple fractures during the Chicago work accident.

Just the day before, in East Chicago, a female worker, 37, died at the ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor Plant East during a work accident. Angela Smith also had sustained a blunt force trauma injury.

Blunt Force Trauma Injuries
Blunt force trauma usually involves injury to a certain area of the body caused by a sudden or heavy force that leads to trauma to that body part. A blunt force trauma injury can occur during fall accidents, when a swinging or falling object that is heavy strikes the worker, or during a machinery accident. Blunt force trauma injuries are frequently serious injuries that can prove fatal—especially if it affects the head or a major organ of the body.

Sometimes, there may not be any visual symptoms to indicate that a worker sustained a blunt trauma injury during a work accident. Common signs of blunt force trauma, however, can include:

• Bruising, which may be a sign of broken blood vessels
• Lacerations, which may indicate that there is tissue tearing or organ damage
• Abrasions

It is important to file your Chicago workers’ compensation paperwork with your employer as soon as possible after your work injury accident.

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