Posted On: July 21, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Railroad Employee Files FELA Complaint Against Union Pacific Railroad Company

Albert Wickam, an Illinois railroad employee, has filed a FELA complaint against Union Pacific Railroad Company. Wickam says he sustained a musculoskeletal disease while working with unsafe equipment belonging to the company.

Wickam began working as a carman in 1971. During his employment, he was exposed to risk factors that caused him to develop cumulative trauma in his spine and back.

In his FELA lawsuit, Wickam is accusing the defendants of knowing that the tools and equipment that he was using were not ergonomically designed to eliminate or reduce the risk factors responsible for his injuries.

Wickam says the railroad company committed 24 negligent acts, including failing to provide him with a safe working environment, making him perform repetitive, forceful movements without giving him enough time to rest or the proper support, and having him do his job using heavy machinery that jarred his back.

Wickham says the railroad worker injuries he sustained are disabling and permanent. He has had to undergo surgery and continues to experience physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering. His work-related injuries have caused him to suffer lost wages, medical expenses, and impaired his ability to do his job.

He is seeking a judgment of over $50,000 plus costs.

FELA Claims
If you are a railroad engineer, switchman, maintenance worker, brakeman, fireman, mechanic, yardmaster, signal master, or another railroad worker who was injured on the job, you may want to consider filing a FELA claim to obtain financial recover from your employer for your injuries.

Under the Federal Employment Liability Act, the injured railroad worker must prove that the railroad company, the train system, or another affiliated party was at least partially responsible for causing your work injury.

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