Posted On: July 25, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Worker Sues Yankees for Construction Accident that Severed His Wrist

This week, a construction worker sued the New York Yankees and Turner Construction for injuries he sustained in a construction accident last year. Marc Kemprowski severed his wrist when the portable, power driven handsaw he was using kicked back at him. Kemprowski, 28, says the saw cut his arm to the bone. While doctors were able to reattach his hand, he has lost full use of it and cannot use his hand to do his job.

Kemprowski is accusing the defendants of maintaining dangerous working conditions. Over a dozen other workers have filed personal injury lawsuits for injuries they sustained while building the new stadium for the Yankees.

Construction Accident Claims
Many construction workers place themselves at risk of getting seriously hurt while doing their job. If you were injured in a Chicago construction accident, not only are you likely entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits, but there may be third parties associated with the job that you were performing that can be held liable for personal injury.

Many serious construction accidents have been known to leave a worker injured in such a way that he or she may not longer be able to work as a construction worker ever again. Not only are there costly medical and recovery expenses to consider, but your permanent loss of income may require you to explore all avenues of compensation in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits.

Recent US construction accidents:

• A construction worker was rushed to the hospital today after he fell 30 feet in a scaffolding accident. The worker was working on a job at the JW Marriot Resort when he landed on the concrete. The cause of the fall accident is not known at this time. According to one fire department lieutenant, the worker appeared to have sustained internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

• Also this month, a 21-year-old worker died in a July 10 construction accident. It was just his 5th day on the job. Spencer Clark Harrington sustained fatal injuries to his stomach and head when a 30-foot steel fell off a forklift, striking him. Harrington was a father-to-be.

• Just two days before that, another construction worker died when one of the metal pieces used to hold scaffolding together fell five stories, striking the worker’s head. According to police, the other workers told the men on the ground to move but Kimberly McKinley, 54, was not able to get out of the way. McKinley wasn’t wearing a hard hat when he was struck by the metal attachment.

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