Posted On: August 28, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Construction Worker Killed When Bobcat Falls Seven Stories

A Chicago construction accident has claimed the life of worker Carlos Mayroja. Mayroja, in his late 30’s, was riding a Bobcat that a crane was lifting up seven stories when the heavy machinery fell to the ground, pinning him in the machine. The deadly Chicago work accident took place at the Chicago Housing Authority demolition project located on South State Street.

A crane was required to extricate Mayroja from the Bobcat. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and later pronounced dead.

Bobcat Accidents
Bobcats are commonly used at Chicago, Illinois construction sites to move materials and large objects. It is important that a Bobcat operator know how to properly run this piece of heavy equipment to decrease the chances of injury or death.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has specific regulations and rules about how to safely operate Bobcats that are used on the job. That said, Chicago construction accidents can happen because of the negligence of the construction company, the construction worker, the machinery manufacturer, or merely by accident and through no one else’s fault.

While an injured construction worker cannot sue his or her employer for personal injury, he or she will likely be entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits. Also, because construction projects tend to involve more than one company participant, there may be parties that can be held liable for personal injury via third party lawsuits. An experienced Chicago construction accident law firm will have the resources, the manpower, and the experience to properly investigate the accident site and evidence so that they can prove liability.

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