Posted On: August 20, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Electrocution Accident Claims the Life of Worker Who Was Installing Wiring

A worker who was installing a new air compressor wiring died yesterday when he was electrocuted. A subcontractor who worked for the DC metro hired the man. This is not the first electrical accident to cause injury to a worker in the last couple of months.

Last week, a worker sustained burn injuries while working on power lines. The work accident happened while the worker was in a bucket truck and he received an electrical shock.

Also last week, a worker employed by an electrical subcontractor was shocked while working on electrical systems at a construction site. He was shocked unconscious.

In July, two National Guardsmen suffered electrical shock injuries at a Tennessee county fair. According to witnesses, a man was using a control box to elevate a climbing wall, which was part of the National Guard recruiting station, when the control box fell on top of him. Another man who tried to help suffered electrical shock injuries, as did a second person who rushed to help. The two men were transported by air to a hospital.

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Electrical Shock
A person can suffer from shock after coming into contact with an electrical source. If the electrical energy enters the person’s body, he or she could suffer from electrical shock. Burns is the most common kind of electric shock injury. A person might also sustain a spinal cord injury, internal injuries, pain in the foot or hand, broken bones, and electrical mouth burn.

While in some cases, it is obvious that someone has sustained an electrical shock injury, some signs indicating that a person may be suffering from electrical shock include:

• Burns to the skin
• Tingling
• Numbness
• Hearing problems
• Paralysis
• Speech problems
• Unconsciousness

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