Posted On: September 2, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Railroad Worker Files Lawsuit for Spine, Neck, Wrist, Arms, and Hand Injuries

A railroad worker says that he injured his neck spine arms, wrist, and hands while working for Union Pacific Railroad Company. Tyron Jourdan says that for years, the railroad company made him work with equipment that was ergonomically unsafe. Jourdan is suing Union Pacific Railroad Company for his railroad worker injuries.

The railroad worker says he has worked for the railroad company since 1969. In his railroad worker injury lawsuit, Jourdan says that he had to use tools that were not designed in an ergonomically correct manner. As a result, the work he did with them while on the job has caused him to develop musculoskeletal disorders.

Jourdan says that Union Pacific was negligent. The railroad worker is accusing the railroad company of making him perform tasks that required that he maintain awkward physical postures while he used his wrists, hands, neck, arms, and spine in a forceful and repetitive manner.

Jourdan says he has had to undergo surgery because of his injuries. He also has suffered serious physical pain and suffering in addition to emotional and psychological trauma. He claims that he has lost wages and fringe benefits while incurring medical expenses to treat his work injuries. He says that his impairment is permanent.

Unlike other occupations that provide Illinois workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers, regardless of who caused the work injury, railroad employees have to prove that fault on the defendant’s part.

In addition to injuries sustained during train accidents, ergonomic-related injuries is a common type of work injury that railroad workers are citing in their claims these days. The best way to insure the maximum recovery possible from your FELA lawsuit is to contact an experienced Chicago railroad worker injuries lawyer about your case.

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