Posted On: October 21, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Worker Dies in Crush Accident at Industrial Company

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the probe into the death of a 63-year-old janitor could take up to half a year. Dennis Woods, a Chicago resident, died following an Illinois work accident at Material Sciences Corp., an Elk Grove Village industrial company, on Wednesday.

According to Elk Grove Village Fire Battalion Chief William Sellers, Woods was attempting to place an 18,500 pound, 5,800 feet long steel coil onto a machine so it could get a paint finish when the heavy object fell on him.

He became trapped under the heavy object and died before rescuers arrived. It took firefighters several hours to extricate his body from under the coil.

Woods had been working for the industrial company for over 30 years.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation
If someone you love was killed during a work accident, you may be entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits for your loved one’s death. Losing someone you love is always a tragedy. It can also take a huge financial toll, which is one of the reasons it is important that you receive your survivors’ benefits.

The spouse and children of a worker who had workers’ compensation are entitled to full benefits in the event of the employee's death. If there is no eligible husband, wife, son, or daughter, then the worker's totally dependent parents can receive the benefits.

Investigation into worker's death could take half a year: OSHA, Daily Herald, October 15, 2009

Man killed in Elk Grove Village workplace accident, Chicago Breaking News, October 14, 2009

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