Posted On: October 20, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

OSHA Fines Galva Company Over $500,000 for Violations that Could Cause Illinois Work Injuries and Health Issues

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is proposing fines totaling $518,520 against All-Feed Processing and Packaging Inc. OSHA is accusing the Galva pet food research and packaging company of committing serious, willful, failure to abate, and repeat violations of federal workplace health and safety standards.

Alleged violations include:

• Inadequate housekeeping, making it possible for combustible dust to accumulate.
• No explosion prevention systems.
• Insufficient protection gear for workers.
• Inadequate warning signs during the processing of combustible dust.
• Failure to lockout energy sources when maintenance occurs.
• Deficiencies in training.
• Fall hazards.
• Failure to put together a hazardous chemicals list.
• Using flexible cords in place of fixed equipment and wiring.
• Using wiring not approved for danger spots.

Last April, three workers were treated at a hospital when a fire broke out at the facility. One worker, Dustin Williams, sustained burn injuries on his hands, face, and legs. Workers say the flames broke out in the pellet mill, resulting in a chain reaction that set the bagging plant on fire.

In the last decade, OSHA has inspected the company at least seven times and issued 7 other-than-serious, 31 serious, 4 repeat, and 9 willful citations for alleged violations. Just last January, OSHA issued 28 citations against All-Feed. Eight of them were for explosion and fire hazards.

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Explosion rocks Galva All Feed processing and packaging plant,, April 14, 2009

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