Posted On: October 24, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Skokie Worker Dies in Chicago Construction Accident

An Illinois worker who was injured during a Park Ridge construction accident on October 17 died. Joseph C. Patyk, 32, is from Skokie.

According to police, the construction worker was using a power rodder to clean a drain located outside a residence when the catastrophic Chicago-area work accident happened. A neighbor found Patyk unconscious at around 7:30am. Patyk’s sweatshirt appears to have become entangled in the sewer equipment equipment he was using.

Today, in another construction accident, two workers got hurt while installing a tire on a piece of equipment. Geoff Beaudry, who was injured on the head, was also treated for facial injuries. Construction worker Brandon Erme received medical care for possible eyes injuries.

Illinois Construction Accidents
The construction industry is a high-risk field that can lead to catastrophic injuries for workers. Fortunately, most workers are entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits that can cover medical costs and lost wages. An experienced Chicago workers' compensation law firm can ensure that you receive all work injury benefits that you are owed.

Examples of Construction Accidents:
• Construction machinery accidents
• Crane accidents
• Scaffolding accidents
• Fall accidents
• Motor vehicle-related construction accidents
• Electrocution accidents
• Fire accidents
• Trench collapses
• Exposure to hazardous substances
• Explosions
• Defective construction devices
• Structural collapses
• Falling objects

An injured construction worker and his or her family may also be entitled to third-party Chicago personal injury recovery.

Two hurt at Maumee Tire Man, ToledoontheMove, October 24, 2009

Contractor dead after accident with sewer equipment, Chicago Sun-Times, October 21, 2009

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