Posted On: October 7, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

FELA Lawsuits Name Union Pacific, Illinois Central Railroad, and BNSF as Defendants

Unlike most workers who are entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits, Injured railroad workers can sue their employer for work injuries under the Federal Employers Liability Act. It is important that you retain the services of an experienced Illinois railroad injury law firm that knows how to successfully represent clients with FELA cases.

Recently, railroad worker David Brinkley filed his FELA lawsuit. Brinkley was employed by Union Pacific from May 1974 through December 2008. Due to the nature of his job, Brinkley had to walk on uneven ballast surfaces, carry awkwardly shaped, heavy objects, operate poorly maintained switches, and dismount railroad cars and locomotives. He says that the conditions of his job caused him to sustain a degenerative spine condition.

Brinkley is accusing Union Pacific of failing to provide him with a safe work place and the proper work equipment while making him do tasks that caused his degenerative condition. He is seeking $250,000 plus costs.

In his railroad worker lawsuit against BNSF Railway Company, Bobby Dale Goates is also claming spinal injuries. Goates says he worked as a conductor, brakeman, engineer, and switchman for the defendant beginning in 1969. His FELA lawsuit accuses BNSF of neglecting to provide him with safe working conditions, a safe environment, the proper working methods, and safe working tools. He also blames the railroad company for failing to implement adequate protective and safety measures so that he wouldn’t be exposed to cumulative trauma. He is seeking over $15,000 plus costs.

In another FELA lawsuit, Marco A. Rodriguez is suing Illinois Central Railroad Company. Rodriguez, who worked for the railroad company as a welder carman and carman from 1958 to 1996, says he has a respiratory illness because he worked around diesel exhaust, asbestos, toxic dusts, environmental tobacco smoke, fumes, and gases.

Rodriguez is seeking over $100,000 plus costs from his former employer for failing to provide him with safe equipment and a safe workplace and neglecting to warn him about the dangers of his job.

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