Posted On: November 10, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Construction Accidents Result in Serious Crush Injuries for Two Workers

A work accident involving a forklift and a heavy crate has left one worker with a crushed leg. The construction accident happened on Thursday while ADI Marketing Inc. workers were unloading the wooden objects.

While workers were using a forklift to move the bigger boxes, one of the crates fell on a worker, pinning him to a truck. His leg was crushed during the construction accident.

Also on Thursday, a construction worker was killed when he was run over by a truck. Police declared 57-year-old flagger Carroll Michael Rehmert dead a the work accident site. Rehmert was stopping traffic when the construction truck, driven by Anthony Wayner Lamburn, 37, backed over him. The flagger was pulled into the vehicle’s rear axle.

Lamburn panicked, and he attempted to put the vehicle in drive. This caused the truck to accidentally crush Rehmert.

Crush injuries are often catastrophic and can cause permanent if not fatal damage to the victim. While employees generally cannot sue their employers for personal injury, they are usually entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation and they can sue other responsible parties for damages.

The construction industry can be dangerous for workers and many injuries can render a victim unable to work for life. This is one reason it is so important that you consult with a Chicago construction accident lawyer about your case so that you are aware of all your legal options.

Multiple parties may even be liable for your construction accident injuries, such as the construction company, an engineering company, machinery manufacturers, building architects, project designers, insurers, and others.

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