Posted On: November 30, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Injured Boilermaker Sues Third Parties for Personal Injuries Sustained in Illinois Work Accident

A boilermaker who says he was injured in a work accident is suing two companies for Illinois personal injury. Ronald McMillan was working at Conoco Phillips refinery on November 20, 2008 when a welding machine with a jack stand that he was moving collapsed, crushing his left foot.

McMillan is suing Miller Welding and Iron Works and DJ Miller Enterprises. He is alleging negligent design of a machine that had a jack stand that wasn’t strong enough to support it and the failure to warn of possible hazards. McMillan is seeking over $200,000 plus costs.

McMillan says the Illinois work accident caused him to suffer permanent and serious disabilities, experience great mental and physical pain and incur medical expenses. Because of his inability to work he contends that he lost significant income.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation
As an injured worker, you are likely entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. You may even be able to sue third parties that were responsible for your work injuries for personal injury compensation.

Illinois workers’ compensation usually entitles injured workers to compensation for all necessary medical services, including first aid, surgeries, hospital services, and doctors visits to heal or relieve the injury or illness. Benefits for disabilities and time taken off work are also provided. While you cannot sue your employer for personal injury, liable third parties are not exempt from being sued for personal injury or wrongful death. Obtaining injury compensation from these responsible parties may be critical--especially if your injuries are catastrophic.

Jack stand collapses, boilermaker claims in suit, The Record, November 23, 2009

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