Posted On: November 18, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Recent Railroad Injury Lawsuits Claim Damages for Injuries and Slip and Fall

A railroad worker is suing BNSF Railway Company for spinal injuries he says he sustained on the job. Gary Bremer, who has worked as a conductor since 1979, says he has cumulative spinal and low back trauma because of the work he did for BNSF.

While doing his job, Bremer has ridden on locomotives and other equipment that he claims caused the excessive stress injuries. In his Illinois railroad worker injury lawsuit, he is accusing BNSF of neglecting to provide a safe working environment, safe equipment, safe working conditions, and safe working methods. He also says the railroad company neglected to decrease the degree of cumulative trauma exposure, exposed him to the trauma, and failed to inspect his work injuries.

In another Illinois railroad worker injury lawsuit, this one involving injuries sustained during a trip and fall accident, former Union-Pacific Railroad Company worker Phillip Roberts says that the railroad company neglected to award him damages for the disfigurement he suffered during the work accident, as well as for his lost wages.

Roberts worked for Union-Pacific as a trackman. He hurt his lower back when he tripped on a wire that was extended along the company’s railroad tracks. He had to undergo surgery.

Union Pacific argued that the trackman had been warned about the trip hazard. The railroad injury case went to trial and a jury found Roberts 50% liable. They awarded him $250,000 of $500,000 but did not award damages for his disfigurement.

Roberts is seeking a new trial. He claims the jury neglected to award him damages for his disfigurement and that the award he received for economic damages is too low.

Illinois Railroad Worker Injuries
Railroad workers are susceptible to injuries when doing their job. While some injuries can happen instantly, such as those that are sustained by workers during a train crash or a work-related blast, many injuries are cumulative and can become progressively worse over the years. Back injuries, soft tissue damage, and repetitive strain-related issues are some of the painful and damaging injuries that can result.

Most railroad workers are covered by the Federal Employee Liability Act. They can file a FELA claim for injuries.

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