Posted On: December 31, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

As Year Ends, Wall and Scaffolding Collapses Cause Construction Accident Injuries and Deaths

Three construction workers were injured today when a wall collapsed on them. The workers were pouring foundation on a house being built when the construction accident happened. All three construction workers were transported to the hospital. Two of them reportedly sustained serious injuries.

On Wednesday, four people were hurt when the 20-foot aluminum plank they were standing on collapsed, causing them to fall to the ground. Their injuries are serious.

The workers were doing roof work when the construction accident happened. According to one police officer, the brackets used to attach the plank to the exterior of the building were not properly secured.

Also on Wednesday, a construction worker died when he was hit by a beam while working on a site at an air force base. The worker, Brian Lowry, was reportedly on an I-beam some 20 feet off the ground when another I-beam that a crane was lowering hit him.

In another construction accident, construction workers William Day, Jr. and Joshua Champney sustained injuries when an 18-foot wall collapsed, pinning them. Champney sustained minor back injuries while Day fractured his pelvis. Day will have to undergo surgery.

According to police, the braces that are supposed to hold the wood wall may have given way. The workers were putting up the preconstructed section of home under construction when the wall fell.

Falling construction materials, scaffolding and wall collapses, trench collapses, and fall accidents from significant heights can cause serious injuries to construction workers. As an injured construction worker, you should file your Illinois workers’ compensation claim immediately and speak with a Chicago construction accident lawyer about your legal options for obtaining financial recovery from third parties.

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