Posted On: December 20, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Lawsuit Claims Lumber Company Fired Worker Because He Filed for Workers’ Compensation

A lumber worker has filed a civil lawsuit accusing RP Lumber of firing him because he sought to obtain his Illinois workers’ compensation benefits. Jefferey Harbison says he lost benefits, wages, and promotions, experienced mental trauma and humiliation, incurred expenses while looking for a job, and experienced a decrease in wages because he was wrongfully fired.

Harbison says he was employed at RP Lumber Company for about 10 years before he got hurt on May 21. He is seeking over $50,000 plus costs.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation

If you are an injured employee, you are entitled to receive Illinois workers’ compensation for all necessary medical expenses, including emergency medical services, first aid, surgeries, tests, and other hospital services. When applicable, you also are entitled to vocational, mental, or physical rehabilitation. You also have a right to disability benefits for time that you have to take off from work because of your work injury, illness, or disease. If you will no longer be able to work, you can receive permanent total disability benefits. The spouse and children of an employee who died because of a worker-related illness or injury should be able to obtain survivor benefits.

As an employee working for an employer, you are not asking for anything out of the ordinary by wanting to receive your workers’ compensation benefits. It doesn’t matter who or what cause the work accident. Employers are not allowed to fire a worker for requesting workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation disputes can be very frustrating for the worker and his/her family who now must worry about finances, in addition to job worries, as well as deal with the injury or death.

RP Lumber worker claims wrongful termination , The Recorder, December 16, 2009

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