Posted On: December 12, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Payout for Construction Workers Most Impacted by Seriousness of Injury and Impairment Level Say Researchers

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health are reporting that it is the degree of impairment and seriousness of injury and not the workers’ compensation attorney fees that most impact an injured Illinois construction worker’s compensation payout.

The researchers came up with their findings based on a study of 19,734 workers’ compensation claims submitted to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission between 2000 and 2005. Claims are submitted to the commission when an employee and employer are unable to resolve a work injury claim without its intervention. Among the findings:

• 1.21 construction accident claims for every 100 Illinois construction workers.
• Injured construction workers that were represented by an Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer obtained $1,210 more than workers who did not have legal representation.
• Back injuries, spinal injuries, and extremity injuries were the most common work injuries.
• Workers who sustained spinal injuries and back injuries obtained higher compensation than Illinois workers who had injured other body parts.

In an ideal world, a worker who was injured on the job should be able to easily obtain the Illinois workers’ compensation that he is entitled to receive under state law. However, disagreements and delays can happen, which can seriously affect an injured worker’s ability to recover and provide financial support to family members.

Our Chicago workers’ compensation law firm has over 15 years experience obtaining the work injury benefits our clients are owed from employers, bad faith insurance companies, and other parties. Retaining an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can increase the amount you would otherwise receive by two or three times.

Severity Of Injury, Not Legal Fees, Drives Cost Of Workers’ Compensation, UIC School of Public Health

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