Posted On: January 9, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Movie Actor Sylvester Stallone Says He Broke His Neck During Fight Scene

Movie star Sylvester Stallone says he had to undergo serious surgery after he broke his neck while shooting a fight scene for his new film “The Expendables.” The 63-year-old action star says that doctors had to insert a metal plate in his neck to treat his work injury, which he sustained during a fight scene with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Contrary to how easy actors make their job look onstage and on film, acting is a lot of hard work and can be very physically demanding. It can also lead to injuries whether you are a stunt double, an action hero, a stage actor, a standup comedian, a dancer, or an extra. Slip and fall injuries, vocal injuries, injuries from falling or malfunctioning props, stunt-related injuries, sunburns, fatigue, back injuries, neck injuries, and even death can result during an actor-related accident.

Also, although it is just the actors that viewers see on camera and onstage, there are many behind the scene workers who work very hard to make any film or theaterical production happen. Production assistants, the director, producers, writers, stagehands, camera persons, lighting crew, and other workers can also get hurt while doing their job in a studio or at the theater. Fortunately, most film, TV, and theater professionals are entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation in the event of work-related injury, illness, or death.

Unfortunately, there are employers and insurers who will attempt to deny an employee the work injury benefits that he/she is owed. This is unfortunate and can make recovery much more difficult and costly for the injured worker.

Stallone injured neck making 'Expendables',, January 6, 2010

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