Posted On: January 19, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Costs are Lower for Older Workers, Says National Council on Compensation Insurance

According to a new study by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, the workers’ compensation indemnity expenses for workers over the age of 64 are usually lower than they are for younger workers, who are generally paid more. The NCCI has put together a detailed report on workers’ compensation injury claims by older workers. Among its findings:

• Since the ‘80’s, there has been a nearly 50% increase in the number of workers ages 65 and older.

• This worker age demographic is expected to increase in the wake of the current economic crisis.

• Better health is another reason why there are more older workers that have either opted to keep working or go back to work.

• This older worker age group makes up just under 5% of worker injury and illness cases.

• Trip and fall accidents, slip and fall accidents, and fall accidents on the job were the most common cause of injury to older workers. NCCI is recommending that employers provide better lighting, handrails, and slip-resistant flooring to decrease the number of work accidents.

• Medical severity tends to be higher for older employees.

If you were injured or got sick while doing job, you should file your Illinois workers’ compensation claim right away. It doesn’t matter whether you, another party, or your employer caused your work accident or illness. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act entitles most employees to work injury benefits for injuries and sicknesses.

Our Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers are committed to making sure that our clients receive all of the benefits that they are owed and that there are no unnecessary payment delays.

Workers Over 65 Have Lower Comp Indemnity Cost, NCCI Finds,, January 18, 2010

Read the Full Report (PDF)

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