Posted On: February 15, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago, Illinois Workers' Compensation Lawyer Blog Reports on Construction Worker Injured During Electrocution Accident

A construction worker was involved in an electrocution accident last week when the boom of the crane he was operating struck a high voltage power line. The worker, Moises Rios, was treated at the construction accident site before being rushed to the hospital.

Crane Accidents
Crane-related accidents continue to be one of the more common causes of construction injuries. In many cases, a crane making contact with a power line can result in death. This is why it is so important that safety measures are followed to prevent such a dangerous work accident from happening. If a construction worker is lucky enough to survive such a powerful electrical jolt, he or she may have to contend with cardiovascular injuries, skin damage, respiratory damage, electrical burns, head injuries, spinal injuries, neurological injuries, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Electrocution accidents are not the only type of crane accident that can cause injuries to crane workers. Rigging malfunctions, collapsed booms, fall accidents, falling loads, and cranes that tip over can injure construction workers and others who may be in the area.

Hundreds of construction workers die every year because of crane accidents. For many survivors of crane accidents, their injuries may be so severe that they can never work again.

Chicago, Illinois Construction Accidents
If you or your loved one got hurt in a Chicago construction accident, you should file your Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation claim right away. You have enough to contend with already during this challenging time without having to worry about medical bills and lost wages. Also, with so many parties involved in a construction project, there may be others that you should sue for your Illinois personal injuries.

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