Posted On: February 27, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Cop Says He Was Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim For Post-Traumatic Stress After He Shot Chimpanzee that Attacked Woman

The cop that fatally shot Travis the chimp after he tore off the hands and face of Charla Nash last year says he was denied workers’ compensation for his post-traumatic stress because the assailant was an animal. The city later consented to pay for some of Officer Frank Chiafari’s medical bills, but he says that he continues to remain traumatized over the incident and suffers from terrible visions and anxiety.

Nash was brutally attacked by the 200-pound animal in February 2009. She nearly died and remains severely disfigured and nearly died. She lost her nose, eyes, and jaws and wears a vail so that people don’t get scared when they see her. In addition to her traumatic facial injuries, Nash lost both hands.

At a Labor and Public Employees Committee meeting last week, Chiafari recounted how the chimp nearly attacked him. The police officer was testifying in favor a bill that would let police officer receive workers compensation for post-traumatic stress caused by shooting an animal on the attack. Under the proposed legislation, the police officer can use deadly force against the animal if he/she reasonably believed that the threat of physical injury or death was imminent.

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Charla Nash, Chimp Attack Victim, Shows Face On "Oprah" (PHOTOS), The Huffington Post, November 11, 2010

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