Posted On: February 20, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Remember to File Your Chicago, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim if You are Suffering from an Occupational Disease

Every year, per American Family Physician, hundreds of thousands of workers become afflicted with occupational diseases. Tens of thousands of these workers will die as a result. It is important that you make sure that you receive all your work illness benefits that you are owed. Our Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers can help you explore your legal options.

Unfortunately, diagnosing occupational illnesses sometimes take awhile. A worker may not want to link his/her affliction to work for fear of not being able to make a living. Also, it can take years for some illnesses' symptoms to fully manifest.

Examples of some health conditions linked to occupational exposure:

• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Asthma
• Chronic encephalopathy
• Cervical strain
• Interstitial fibrosis
• Hearing loss
• Infections that are transmitted orally or fecally
• Lung cancer
• Contact dermatitis
• Spontaneous abortion
• Birth defects
• Liver cancer
• Coronary disease
• Upper air irritation

The kind of occupational disease a worker can suffer from will, of course, depend on the conditions and environment the worker is exposed to on the job.

You would be surprised at the kind of occupations that can lead to occupational injuries and illnesses. For example:

• Computer work
• Letter sorting
• Mining
• Baking
• Plating
• Farming
• Teaching
• Health care work
• Prison work
• Animal care
• Construction
• Forestry

Unfortunately, problems can arise when availing of your work injury benefits. This is where an experienced Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer can step in.

Recognizing Occupational Disease -- Taking an Effective Occupational History, American Family Physician

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