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WCRI Reports that Illinois Workers’ Compensation Medical Costs Per Claim are Higher than the Average

According to the Workers Compensation Research Institute, Illinois’ workers’ compensation expenses per claim for medical care are on the higher end of the spectrum compared to the costs for the same kind of claims in other US states. WCRI’s study also found that after hitting growth rates in the double digits prior to 2005, the increase in medical costs per claim went down in ’07- ’08 and—just as it has in past years—indemnity benefits/claims involving workers that had to miss over seven days of work grew 7% in ’07- ’08.

The growth in indemnity benefits can be attributed to a 6% rise in the length of temporary disability “and a 5% increase in the average permanent partial disability (PPD)/lump-sum payment per PPD/lump-sum claim.” With total costs per all paid Illinois workers’ compensation claims at $11,224/claim in ’05 – ‘08, the WCRI says these paid for claims were among the highest compared to the other states that were included in the study. Also, more injured workers in Illinois missed over a week of work and/or missed work an average of 20 weeks in ’05 -‘08—4 weeks more than the injured workers missed in other non-wage-loss states. Illinois ranked in the middle when it came to average lump-sum workers’ compensation settlements per claim.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation
If you are an injured worker, it is important that you are familiar with your right to receive Illinois workers’ compensation benefits. In most cases involving work-related injuries, you cannot sue your employer for personal injury—although you may have grounds for filing a third party Chicago injury lawsuit. It will be very important for you to receive all of the work injury benefits that your employer owes you.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Medical Costs Per Claim among Highest, but Growth Slowed, New WCRI Study Reports, Earth Times, February 1, 2010

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