Posted On: March 10, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

16 Workers and the Widow of One of the Six Employees Killed in Kleen Energy Plant Blast File Their Workers’ Compensation Claims

One month after a catastrophic blast at the Kleen Energy Plant injured 17 workers and killed 6 other employees, 16 of the injured workers and the widow of one of the workers that died have filed their workers’ compensation claims for benefits. The deadly explosion happened at midday on February 8, causing damage to the plant, as well as to several nearby homes. Investigators believe that natural gas had pooled outside the power building and exploded.

Because the pipes going to the large turbines were being purged, natural gas was pumping through the lines at a high pressure. Investigators want to know why the workers that weren’t involved in the purging were in the building when, per industry guidelines, they should have been evacuated.

Among the workers who were injured were four Keystone Construction employees, a Securitas security guard, two Ducci Electric of Torrington employees, and 10 United/Anco Services carpenters. One Keystone worker, 59-year-old Charles Sposito, says he injured his knee and shoulder and sustained a concussion. Sposito was thrown against a wall as a natural gas pipe exploded. Another Keystone employee, 37-year-old Anthony J. Laudano, says he injured his back during the blast and has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the work accident. Many of the carpenters, sustained ear, eye, and head injuries.

Chicago, Illinois Workers’ Compensation
It is important that you file your work injury claim for benefits as soon as you can. This will increase the chances that you get your Illinois workers’ compensation sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, many injured Illinois workers don’t file their claims or agree to get paid far less than what they are entitled to receive.

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You are more than likely entitled to Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation from your employer’s insurer regardless of whether or not someone or something else is to blame for your work accident.

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