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OSHA Discovers Safety and Health Violations at Evansville Regional Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that during a recent inspection, it discovered four serious and four repeat safety and health violations at the Evansville Regional Airport’s air traffic control tower. Serious violations included the failure to conduct yearly fire drills, not putting up a diagram of emergency exit routes, failure to correctly ground an electrical outlet, and not identifying when doors were not exits. Repeat violations included the failure to test the stair pressurization system, not making sure that exit routes were unobstructed, and missing or inadequate fire prevention and emergency action plans.

These type of violations can result in burn injuries, electrocution injuries, other serious injuries, or death. Employees are supposed to provide workers with a safe environment that decreases the chances of injuries or fatalities. However, whether or not your employer contributed to causing your work injuries should not affect your right to receive Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation. It is important that you file your work injury claim as soon as possible to prevent any delay in getting your benefits.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, you are entitled to receive needed first aid, medical care, and hospital services to treat, cure, and relieve your work injury or illness. Rehabilitation services, when warranted, are also covered. If you must take time off from work while you recover from your injuries, then you should receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits. TTD is 66 2/3% of a worker’s gross average weekly wage. Overtime pay is usually not factored in except for under the Workers’ Occupational Disease Act.

In the event that a work injury results in partial or complete loss or loss of use of a body part or the partial loss of use of the body as a whole the worker may be entitled to Permanent Partial Disability Benefits. Loss of both arms, legs, feet, eyes, or any two such parts or the permanent loss of the ability to do any kind of work in a stable, reasonable, employable market entitles a worker to Permanent Total Disability Benefits for life. This is usually 662 2/3% of the workers’ gross average weekly income.

OSHA Finds Illinois Airport Tower Trafficking in Unsafe Conditions, Occupational Health and Safety, March 31, 2010

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