Posted On: March 27, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Union Pacific Worker Sues Railroad Company for Car Crash Injuries He Sustained While Going to Work

Christopher Wardwell is suing Professional Transportation, Union Pacific Railroad Company, and Regeania Broughton. Wardwell, a Union Pacific conductor, says he was injured on August 9, 2008 when Broughton, who was driving him to work, was involved in an Illinois car crash.

Wardwell says that he sustained a herniated disc and an annular tears to his lumbar spine, while a pre-existing degenerative disc disease got worse. He was forced to have surgery, experienced pain and suffering, and his abilities to enjoy normal activities and do his job became diminished.

Wardwell partially blames his employer for his Illinois railroad worker injuries because he claims that the railroad company did not provide him with a safe workplace and failed to mandate that managers not put workers in vans before 6am and after 10pm so that they wouldn’t be involved in Illinois drunk driving accidents.

Wardwell is suing Professional Transportation and Broughton, one of its employees, for failing to keep a proper lookout for approaching autos, neglecting to obey traffic rules, and not giving Broughton enough rest time.

The injured railroad worker is seeking over $150,000 plus costs.

Illinois Railroad Worker Injury Lawsuits
Due to the nature of their jobs, railroad workers are at high risk of injuries and illness. Working with trains, on railroad tracks, with heavy machinery, and near toxic substances can be dangerous.

It is important that you report your Illinois railroad worker injuries to your employer right away. Under FELA, the Federal Employers' Liability Act, an injured railroad employee can sue his/her employer for work injuries.

Union Pacific conductor sues over accident on way to work, The Record, March 23, 2010

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