Posted On: March 5, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Utility Worker Dies in Chicago, Illinois Industrial Accident

A tragic Chicago, Illinois industrial accident has claimed the life of utility worker Michael Gryga. The 39-year-old Peoples Gas employee was testing equipment underground in the Loop on Wednesday afternoon when he and another worker were hit by a pressurized pipe.

One bystander, Kevin Spillers, was walking above ground when he saw dust floating out of the hole. He jumped in and helped remove sand from Gryga’s mouth and face to help him breathe.

Gryga, who sustained multiple injuries, died. The other worker was also critically injured.

Industrial Accidents
Over 1,00 workers die in the US each year because of industrial accident injuries. Common causes of industrial accidents:

• Gas exposure
• Falling objects
• Explosions
• Machinery defects
• Dangerous equipment
• Lack of the proper safety equipment

It doesn’t matter whether your Chicago, Illinois industrial accident was caused by someone’s negligence or carelessness. If you are employed, your employer will likely owe you and your family work injury benefits.

Chicago, Illinois Workers’ Compensation
Our Chicago, Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers cannot stress how important it is that an injured worker or his/her surviving family members file their work injury or death benefits immediately. You may even want to retain a Chicago work injury attorney to make sure that your employer’s insurer gives you everything you are owed without delay.

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