Posted On: April 29, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

“Chimp Bill” Gives Workers’ Compensation Coverage to Cops Injured by Animals

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Yesterday, in Connecticut, the state’s Senate overwhelmingly passed what is being called the “chimp bill.” The bill expands police officers workers’ compensation rights in that it lets cops that were hurt when using deadly force against an animal obtain work injury benefits.

Supporters of the bill believes that such a law is necessary. It wasn’t that long ago that Officer Frank Chiafari was denied workers’ compensation for the trauma he suffered after fatally shooting Travis, a 200-pound chimp in February 2009. If you’ll recall, the incident made national headlines because Travis ended up severely mauling Charla Nash, who is now severely disfigured.

After attacking Nash, the chimp tried to attack Chiafari and that is when the police officer shot him. Following the tragic chimp mauling, Chiafari says he experienced crippling anxiety and depression. Not only was he traumatized by his encounter with the enraged, 200-pound chimp, but he was also severely disturbed by seeing Nash’s mauled body and face. The 53-year-old cop, who is married with three kids, says that following the chip attack, he would look at women and imagine that their faces were missing.

Chiafari sought therapy for his trauma and filed a workers’ compensation claim, which was denied. The city of Stamford eventually agreed to cover his therapy bills, but only after police and union officials intervened.

This bill lets cops receive workers’ compensation for injuries sustained while hurting or killing an animal.

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