Posted On: May 19, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Worker Says Landshire Fired Her for Filing Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim

Shannon French is suing Landshire for over $100,000 plus costs. She claims that her employer fired her for trying to file her Illinois workers’ compensation claim.

French says that she was working for Landshire on July 23, 2008 when she got hurt. She contends that she was let go after notifying the company that she was going to submit the claim.

In French’s Illinois lawsuit, she says that her termination was wrongful and an act of retaliation against her for exercising her legal rights under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. She claims that she lost benefits and income, experienced mental anguish, and her reputation suffered damage.

Chicago, Illinois Workers’ Compensation
It doesn’t matter who or what caused your Illinois work injury. If you were injured while doing your job and your employer is supposed to provide you Illinois workers’ compensation, you are likely entitled to these benefits and you cannot be fired for seeking to avail of this right under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

So many people don’t realize that your work injury compensation will cover their medical expenses to treat their work injuries. Instead, they pay out of pocket and don’t avail of the disability benefits that they should be getting. In some cases, it may even to be an injured worker’s benefit to negotiate a lump sum settlement.

Do not give up just because your worker’s insurer tried to deny you Illinois workers’ compensation or your employer fired you as a result of your claim.

Worker claims she was terminated after seeking work comp benefits, The Record, May 17, 2010

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