Posted On: June 11, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Worker Pulled into a Wood Chipper Dies

A 60-year-old worker is dead after he was pulled into a wood chipper. Henry Lira had been working in his job for over 40 years prior to the catastrophic work accident, which wasn’t even his first.

It was 25 years ago that Lira badly mangled one arm and lost the other during another workplace accident, which forced him to need a prosthetic limb. He also sustained burn injuries from electric shock when he grabbed jumper cables out of a crane’s cab and the crane extension made contact with a nearby power line. Lira and his ex-wife sued PG&E for personal injury claiming that the line that made contact with the crane was a hazard because it had been sagging. A jury ruled in favor of the defendant.

Monday’s fatal accident happened while Lira and three other workers were doing road maintenance and clearing brush. He died at the work accident site.

Wood Chipper Injuries
Wood chipper injuries are not uncommon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in its 2004 report, that each year about three deaths and 204 injuries are caused by wood chippers.

Working with and around a wood chipper can be dangerous for everyone involved. Employees feeding the wood chipper branches and tree limbs risk getting pulled into the machine’s rapidly turning chipper knives.

This is why it is so important that workers are properly trained to work with a wood chipper, safe work practices are put in place, and the wood chipper is properly maintained and correctly operated.

Illinois Workers' Compensation
Spouses and children of employees killed on the job are entitled to survivors benefits under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. It is important that you receive all of the benefits that you and your family are owed.

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