Posted On: July 21, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Employee Seeking Additional Illinois Work Injury Benefits from National Maintenance and Repair

National Maintenance and Repair has been paying Robert Vandygriff Illinois workers’ compensation benefits for injuries he sustained on the job. However, the worker believes that he should receive additional benefits. Vandygriff is seeking unspecified damages, pre-judgment, costs, and other relief.

Vandygriff sustained facial lacerations, a closed head injury, back injuries, and a neck injury after he was struck on the head by a large metal ball attached to a crane. The Illinois work accident took place on Barge BB-1, which is owned by his employer.

Vandygriff claims that in addition to sustaining permanent injuries, he also lost wages, suffered a diminished earning capacity, incurred medical costs, experienced pain and suffering, and sustained disability. Although his employer is covering his medical expense related to his work injuries, as well as other interim benefits, Vandygriff believes that he should be getting at least $45 daily in maintenance.

He is accusing his employer of causing his work injuries, failing to provide its workers with the proper training, neglecting to properly inspect the work area, and not providing adequate supervision and equipment.

Closed Head Injuries
A closed head injury can occur when a person is struck hard on the head. This causes the brain to hit against the skull even though no foreign object has penetrated the brain. A closed head injury can lead to loss of consciousness, headaches, respiratory problems, language difficulties, speech issues, vision problems, behavioral changes, emotional changes, and other serious effects. In some cases, a closed head injury can lead to coma or even death.

Worker struck by metal ball on head seeks benefits, The Record, July 21, 2010

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